{Spring Wrap-Up (bandage pun intended!)}

It's official. Spring is over. OK, technically we haven't hit summer on the calendar yet, but the temperature outside says otherwise! We've been 'enjoying' a heat index of near/over 100*F this past week. Here's what else we've been up to this spring...

Lots of afternoon thunderstorms, during which you will find one very scared puppy hiding out in the bathtub (weirdo...).

In the spirit of the Royal Wedding, I made my own fascinator. Rawk. Though, those green bits look much less 'grassy' and much more 'feathery' in person. Now, where to wear it?

What's spring without a little outdoor cooking? Jean's got mad grill skillz!

Thanks to my awesome brother John, we've got access to a sweet pool/splashpark all summer. We enjoyed our first trip (and our first - of many - Good Humor bars) over Memorial Day weekend.

Jean had a little...uhhh...'run-in' with a table saw last week. He'll live (and no, that's not blood, but iodine, in the left hand pic. Pick yourselves up off the ground).

Sadly, because of the accident, Jean was not able to play with his band at their recent show at the 9:30 Club in DC. We still enjoyed going to the show, though! And yeah, I'm new at this whole taking-video-on-the-iPhone thing, so it's sideways. I'm lame :)