{March 2012 Menu}

Daylight Savings, St. Patrick's Day, the First Day of Spring...it must be March!
So tell me, what's on your menu this month?

March 2012 MENU
1- Peruvian Chicken +
2- Bean Burritos^
3- Papa John's (Free pizza coupon code!)
4- Coconut Chicken w/ Apricot Sauce+
5- Black-Eyed Peas w/ Country Ham
6- Chicken Tortilla Soup+
7- Beef Stroganoff*
8- Buffalo Chicken Potato Casserole+
9- Cheese and White Pizzas ^
10- Double Crunch Pork Chops+
11- Pork Tenderloin+*
12- Broccoli Chicken Tater Tot Casserole+
13- Leftovers (NSA TwST Meeting)
14- Steak and Cheese Sandwiches
15- Cube Steak
16- Wine and Cheese^
17- Corned Beef*
19- Roast Beef*+
20- Pan-Fried Noodles w/ Broccoli
21- Cheddar Cheese Chicken+
22- French Fry Pie+
23- Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches*+
24- Cheese and White Pizzas^
25- Tacos
26- Ribs*
27- Chicken Wings+ and Caesar Salad
28- Cashew Chicken+
29- Honey Lime Garlic Chicken+
30- Baked Beans w/ Cornbread^
31- Eat out (Happy Birthday to me!)

* Crock-Pot
+ Pinterest
^ Meatless (Lent)

Resolutions & Goals: Part I

Happy Lent, Everyone!

I find that I tend to get more accomplished when I write things down, so I'm a natural list person, be it my short-term, daily to-do list or my long-term New Year's resolutions. This series of posts will be a collaboration of my New Year's Resolutions, my weekly goals (in the spirit of the oh-so-inspiring Alicia over at Alicia's Homemaking), and my Lenten goals.

I keep running lists in the 'Notes' app on my iPhone including my main to-do list, trip packing list, books to buy/check out, songs to purchase, menus, grocery/shopping lists, gifts to give, etc. and find that without these at my fingertips 24/7 I would be lost!

Is anyone else out there using this time to refocus, refresh, or make (or break!) a few habits? What things are you hoping to accomplish this week/month/year? Stay tuned to see what's on my list each week, and post your goals in the comments!

Weekly Goals (the out-of-the-ordinary items I'd like to accomplish this week)
  • Exercise at least 3x
  • Keep up-to-date on daily Lenten Bible readings (via YouVersion)
  • Make a batch of No-Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Bars
  • Complete March menu plan
  • Clean out medicine cabinet
  • Finish knitting balaclava for Jean, blanket for our friends Janice & Kevin's peanut, and at least 2 dishcloths
  • Organize spice drawer
  • Organize utensil drawer
  • Find 3 Acts of Service that I can do for Jean to make his week a little easier

Lenten Changes (things I'm refocusing during the Lenten season)
  • Complete all daily Lenten Bible Readings (via YouVersion) on time
  • No snacking! 3 modest meals a deal with nothing solid in between
  • Actively speak Jean's 'Love Languages' (Physical Touch & Acts of Service) more often and more effectively

2012 Resolutions & Goals (the 'big-ticket' items I/we would like to accomplish this year)
  • Buy a home
  • Move to my parents' town (hopefully we can kill two birds with one stone for #1 & 2!)
  • Conceive our first child
  • Scrapbook our wedding
  • Scrapbook our honeymoon
  • Learn to crochet
  • Learn to knit socks
Stay tuned!

{February 2012 Menu}

February 2012 Menu

1- Buffalo Chicken Roll-Ups +
2- Cheese & Cracker Spread
3- Pizza
4- Jean Gig/Leftovers
5- Wings & Potato Skins (Super Bowl)
6- Double Crunch Pork Chops +
7- Ranch Cheesy Chicken Lasagna +
8- Peruvian Chicken Quarters +
9- Steamed Sole (Mandy in FL) +
10- Jambalaya (Mandy in FL) +
11- Stuffed Peppers (Mandy in FL) +
12- Eat Out/Order In
13- Broccoli Chicken Tater Tot Casserole +
14- Leftovers (TwST Meeting)
15- Spaghetti Carbonara +
16- Tortilla Soup +
17- Baked Ziti *
18- Beer-Battered Chicken Nuggets & Valentine Hors D'oeuvres
19- Ham & Black-Eyed Peas
20- Asparagus Risotto & Sausage +
21- General Tso's Chicken +
22- Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti +
23- Enchiladas
24- Jean Gig/Leftovers
25- Pizza
26- Pot Roast
27- Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta +
28- Beef Stroganoff *
29- Butter Chicken +

+ Pinterest recipe
* Crock*Pot recipe