{October Menu}

Since half of September was spent gallivanting (OK, not exactly) around the UK, I didn't plan a menu. I thought that as long as I had the basics in the house, I'd be able to pull dinners together on the fly. It's been OK, but I definitely miss having my menu all planned out, thus the October menu a week early.

Just before we left on vacay we had a power outage thanks to Irene (bi-otch) and lost everything in our freezer. While that was heartbreaking for someone who so carefully cultivates a well-stocked food supply, it was nice to start over fresh. I told myself the same thing when my hard drive broke...physically broke...about a year ago. Denial IS just a river in Egypt!

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October 2011
1- Jean @ gig (leftovers for Mandy)
2- Chili dogs* ('Skins game)
3- Linguini & Pesto
4- Popcorn Chicken Salad
5- Baked Chicken
6- Bulgogi Beef
7- Pizza
8- Baked Ziti*
9- BBQ Chicken
10- Falafel*
11- Chicken Makhani*
12- Beef Stroganoff*
13- Fire Tacos
14- Jean @ gig (leftovers for Mandy)
15- Chicken Cordon Bleu
16- Buffalo Chicken Lasagna* ('Skins game)
17- Popcorn Chicken Salad
18- Chili & Noodles*
19- Bacon Cheeseburger Casserole
20- Black-eyed Peas & Brown Rice
21- Pumpkin & Squash Soup
22- Cube Steak
23- Pizza ('Skins game)
24- Baked Beans & Cornbread*
25- Apricot Chicken*
26-Jean @ gig (leftovers for Mandy)
27- Spaghetti & Meatballs
28- Leftovers
29- Pizza Soup*
30- Baked Potato Soup*
31- Mummy Dogs & Avocado Chipotle Soup*

* = Crock Pot recipe; can be found on the CrockPot365 Blog

Happy Eating!

{I Choose This...}

Just a little teaser of our vacation, full post forthcoming. These are Instagrams from the night of our dear friend Leslie's 50th birthday bash. I love these people dearly, and can't wait to see them all again (especially you, GG!)!

Jean, myself, and birthday boy, Leslie

Leslie and (some of!) his women

Jean and myself with the incomparable David Ford

I love you, GG!

David Ford - 'Song For the Road'

Now I know someday this all will be over
and it’s hard to say what most will I miss

Just give me one way to spend my last moments alive
and I choose this, I choose this, I choose this
I choose this, I choose this, I choose this
I choose this, I choose this
Yeah I choose…this