Week in Review: Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone!  Our Lenten Challenge is coming to a close.  How did everyone do?
Weekly Goals (week of April 1)
* Complete 2 honeymoon scrapbook pages
* Work out 3x  FIVE times.  BEWM! 
* Complete April menu   
* Make monthly grocery shopping trip to Aldi
* 3 Acts of Service for Jean
* Weed the garden
* Bake sheep cupcakes for Easter Egg Hunt
* Make a batch of dog food
* Complete all daily Lenten Bible Readings (via YouVersion)
* Finish Janice & Kevin's baby booties, start a scarf for the NSA Live Auction in July, start the sock's mate, start and finish at least 3 dishcloths for Sarah D Finished 4 dishcloths, in addition to a few other projects

                      April 2012 Menu                                                                             Baaaaaa!

Lenten Changes
(things I'm refocusing during the Lenten season)
* Complete all daily Lenten Bible Readings (via YouVersion) on time
* No snacking! 3 modest meals a deal with nothing solid in between. Also, no meat on Fridays. I kind of petered out on this . . .

* Actively speak Jean's 'Love Languages' (Physical Touch & Acts of Service) more often and more effectively

2012 Resolutions & Goals (the 'big-ticket' items I/we would like to accomplish this year)

* Buy a home 
On Monday, 4/9, we found a home that we fell in love with.  Our mortgage guy says that it is a 'fit' for us financially, and we're hoping to see it in person (more than just walking around the property and peeking in the windows) soon!
* Move to my parents' town (hopefully we can kill two birds with one stone for #1 & 2!)

* Conceive our first child
We are nearing the end of our testing for infertility treatments, and will soon need to make the decision if this is the next step for us.
* Scrapbook our wedding

* Scrapbook our honeymoon 

* Learn to crochet
* Learn to knit socks

Lent may be over, but there are still 8+ months left of 2012, so check back often and we cross items off the list!

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