Our Town

We're coming up on the 1-year anniversary of purchasing our homestead, and now that the weather is turning warmer, we're having a great time getting to know our little town!

We've enjoyed hikes and drives through the Shenandoah National Park and Skyline Drive, the entrance of which is just 15 minutes away. 

Our dogs, Emmett and Graham, are also enjoying their new digs!  We've found a wonderful new vet and groomer, and both pups enjoy having a large yard space to explore.  We're also discovering that EVERYONE around us has dogs, and many of them like to wander over for visits (including 'Tiger', the Yorkie from next door and 'Jack/Red' the Chocolate Lab who came to visit for a whole weekend!).

We've also become involved in our church - Front Royal United Methodist - in a variety of ways.  Jean and I both sing in the 8:30 choir, Jean plays upright bass with the Praise Band and occasionally drives the church bus, I serve as the Adult & Family Coordinator (putting on weekly 'Seed & Feed' dinners), and Jean serves on the Worship Arts Committee.  Jean has also been hired to do several renovation and repair jobs for the church.

And just a few odds and ends from around town.  Our town :) 

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