Happy New Year!

Maybe it's nostalgia,  maybe it's perspective, maybe it's an aging memory, or maybe it's just the half bottle of Prosecco I put away for breakfast, but I can't seem to remember one really bad thing about 2012.  Even the trials and difficulties all lead - or are leading, we're sure - to something bigger and better.  Jean and I had a wonderful 2012 full of fun, laughter, and accomplishments, and are looking forward to an even more joyful and fulfilling 2013.

Remember our Resolutions & Goals posts back in the beginning of 2012, outlining our New Years Resolutions?  Here (and below; in photos) is a look back at just how we did:
  • Buy a home 
  • Move to my parents' town 
  • Conceive our first child
  • Scrapbook our wedding
  • Scrapbook our honeymoon
  • Learn to crochet
  • Learn to knit socks

In like fashion, we've come up with just a few new goals and resolutions for the coming year (in addition to carrying over incomplete goals from 2012):
  • Speak with gentleness, both in voice and content (both)
  • Start - and get up to date on - our Christmas/New Years scrapbook album (M)
  • Consistently, successfully roast a whole chicken (M)
  • Go hiking at least 1x/month (both)
  • Pursue leadership/reading/solo choir opportunities at church (J)
  • Study Proverbs (both)
  • Finish basement living area (J)

Do any of you make New Years Resolutions?  What are they?  Any tricks for keeping them?

Happy New Year!

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  1. Yup, here are mine:
    Complete C25k (halfway through)
    Lose 6 pounds per month
    Read BoM and come to a decision in my faith
    Keep a journal
    Get a handle on temper and speak gently inwardly and outwardly
    Laugh more with Trevor
    Complete a project each week
    Find a place for everything in the house (eliminate piles)
    Have a successful garden
    Double the amount in savings
    Go through IVF cycle #3 and hopefully conceive
    Spend more time with twinkies and stop getting sucked into computer
    Read 2 books per month